Creative Ways To Design Your Calendar To Market Your Restaurant

Published: 16th April 2010
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One of the businesses that can benefit from calendar printing as a marketing strategy is the restaurant. It's not only effective and one of the most cost effective strategies, but print calendars are also amazing ways to get the word out about your restaurant the whole year round.

Just think about it. You can have your target clients staring at your print calendars every day and every month to remind them of their own special dates and occasions. Just imagine how they will be able to recognize your business if they happen to see it every time they check your calendar for their schedule.

But the effectiveness of your calendar printing lies on the design you have. What you have that is unique and eye-catching can grab the attention of your target clients. Your design in your print calendars will serve as the hook to keep your patrons of your restaurant coming back to taste your food.

Photos and images of foods and drinks are very common for promoting restaurants. But to offer something unique, why not try using the different specialties you have in your menu. A sort of "specialty of the house" featured in every month will definitely remind your patrons why they go to your restaurant each time.

To help you design your calendar, here are suggestions to keep your patrons coming back for more of your food:

Provide photos and pictures of your specialties in delectable images. Choose a main dish for each month and highlight it with succulent description that would definitely make any mouth water just by looking at it. Hire a professional photographer to provide you with a delicious and tempting picture. It may cost you more to hire one but it would definitely be worth the expense when you see how mouth-watering your pictures are in your calendar.

If your restaurant offers fresh ingredients, use them as your main images in your design. Emphasize each ingredient with photos in each month. Use pictures of delicious-looking meat, fruits and vegetables. Focus on how the freshest ingredients can benefit your patrons as well as the difference these ingredients can make on the palate. By enticing your target clients to see how fresh your ingredients are, you can make them want to go to your restaurant every time.

Create a concept featuring your own vegetable haven in your restaurant. Include pictures of ripe tomatoes, basil, rosemary, and other spices you have in your kitchen. Include a photo of your chef using these special herbs and spices while preparing the special dishes you have. By letting your target clients have a peek in your kitchen, you can provide them with an image of how good it is to dine in your restaurant.

These are just some of the ways you can promote your restaurant in your print calendars. You can create your own ideas and start designing your calendar printing today.

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