Making Stickers And Labels More Persuasive

Published: 22nd December 2009
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Are your marketing stickers or label printing doing really what you want them to do? Can your sticker printing deliver its message to readers and illicit reaction from them? Can your label printing persuade people to buy from you or at least go to your shop or website? If you think you have trouble in getting a reaction with your stickers and marketing labels, then here is a quick guide on how to correct your mistakes and make stickers and labels more persuasive.

1. The professional look - Stickers need that professional look to make them more persuasive. Since almost anyone can print stickers and labels these days, that professional look is the way to look more credible and perhaps more persuasive.

The professional look is pretty simple to do. Just minimize on the wacky fonts, keep your colors to a minimum and more or less make a clean and clear design. Most professional labels are like this, hence more people trust it. With that kind of earned trust, it should be easier to persuade people when using your stickers and labels.

2. Color choice and management - The color choice is also a big aspect that determines the persuasiveness of label printing. Eye catching and bright colors have a bigger chance of being noticed than subdued kinds of stickers. Moreover, people will notice labels and stickers more if their color is in stark contrast with the medium they will be stuck upon. So if you know that your labels and stickers will be posted in a medium or place with a certain color, then you can make nice stickers that have a dominant color that is opposite to it or something that contrasts with it. People should notice the labels faster getting more people to easily be convinced and persuaded about the message of the stickers.

3. Choosing the right words - Words are of course also something of note when trying to make stickers and labels more persuasive. With the right and clear words that directly relate to your readers concerns and needs, you can have them react to your messages immediately and more intensely. For example, a marketing sticker that has a slogan like "helping you manage work stress quickly" can help persuade people to buy your anti-stress product better than let us say words like "the best anti-stress product". The first slogan relates to the reader more, making it more persuasive than the latter. So choose your persuasive words correctly.

4. Shapes and symbols - Finally, sticker printing and label printing can be more persuasive if you also use shapes and symbols to supplement your sticker message. Placing common symbols in stickers such as warning signs, arrows and common shapes, can help people easily notice and understand what the label printing is all about. The more easily they understand the meaning of these symbols the more persuaded they should be in following what your label or sign is indicating. So add in those extra shapes and symbols to help your sticker convey its message more effectively. People should be more convinced that the label is a legitimate deal and should be persuaded more easily with its message because of it.

These facts should help you make label printing or sticker printing persuasive. As long as your stickers can deliver their messages in a respectable, simple and more effective manner you should be able to persuade a lot of people into considering your label printing messages.

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